Multipurpose Studio Set For Film making In New Delhi & NCR.

Professional Film Studio Setup Available For Film & Ad Shoots
With Or Without Props & Dressing.

Swastika Films, New Delhi presents a fully equipped, shoot-friendly & affordable multipurpose studio set for film & advert making for filmmakers in the heart of New Delhi. Our filmmakers have come up with a creative & spacious design solution that is available to solve most filmmaking location needs that arise & need solving in a short period of time.

What Makes Our Multipurpose Studio Set Great?

Paintable Walls

Transform our studio walls to fit your vision. Paint & dress freely for your film’s unique creative needs.

Open lighting Grid System

We do provide the studio with enough fixed lights. However, our grid is designed to allow any extra lights to be added seamlessly.

65KW Genset Backup

We provide the studio with 65KW auto genset back up.

Pre lit Studio

Studio equipped with optimal lighting for video shoots. Elevate your film production with our tailored lighting setup.

Dressing Room

Shoot in style with our studio, complete with an attached dressing room. Perfect for seamless transitions and on-set convenience.

Props & Furniture to Choose from

All our furniture/ props are customizable, i.e. they can be easily taken apart like block pieces & rebuilt to facilitate client requirements. We do allow clients to bring in their own props to dress the space as per their needs. We do provide additional props, whatever they may be on rent for shoots at our film studio.

Production Crew Support

Choose & collaborate with a crew that suits your budgetary requirements. Whether you want a cinematographer or a director, we offer an array of professionals to pick from based on your budget & creative requirements.

Shooting Equipment Hire

We provide professional equipment like cameras, lenses & lights on rent at the studio.


Municipal paid parking available.

Free Wifi Service

200 Mbps free wifi available at the studio

Active Windows

Our studio allows for windows to be used the way the client deems fit as per their creative requirement. You can use the window to create a pattern in the studio space, add a green screen to the window & chroma key to include any vfx location add depth to the space, add a print of a landscape, or even shut the window by adding opaque glass to it. The choice is yours.

Dynamic Interrogation Room Setup

Flexible Studio Apartment Setup

Customizable Podcast Studio Setup

Boss Cabin Studio Setup

Versatile Bedroom Studio Setup

Kitchen Studio Setup

Office Studio Setup

Customizable office studio set in new delhi ncr by Swastika films.

Some frequently Asked Questions Regarding Studio Set

1. Do we allow the painting of walls in the studio?

A. Oh yes we do. We allow any sort of modification that is possible to the space.

2. Do we provide a chroma screen at the studio for VFX?

A. Yes, we do provide chroma be it green screen or blue screen with frame as per clients requirements.

3. Is there a makeup facility available at the studio?

A. Yes. You can avail of multiple extra rooms for make-up, dressing, or lounging with your team in our 4-story studio complex. We even provide makeup artists to collaborate with.

4. Do you offer production services like casting & crewing?

A. 100%. Request you to visit us to discuss your requirements.

5. Are post-production services available on the spot? 

A. Yes. You can work with our famed editors & colorists on set or for post-production deliverables.

6. What is the minimum charge for Studio rental?

A. We provide our studio setup for as low as 1,500/- hour exclusive of taxes.

Keeping the ethos of a real film set alive, we offer customization to the extent the client deems fit. The space can be designed into an office, bedroom, kitchen, police station & even a clinic to fulfill your creative & location requirements.