Jhumri Talayian: A Tale of Turmoil and Transformation

From the acclaimed director, Utkarsh Thukral, the visionary behind cinematic gems like (Death By Condom and Aam Kahani), comes a raw and riveting tale of personal vices, external influences, and the dire consequences of a life spiraling out of control.


In the throes of Delhi’s bustling streets, Dhruv, a tormented soul played by the talented Mahender Singh Bisht of (“Paatal Lok” and “Dhamakaa”) fame, wrestles with deep-seated vices, strained personal relationships, and a career marred by scandal. As he struggles to keep afloat amidst the quagmire of pornography addiction and professional misconduct, Dhruv’s life takes a sinister turn when he discovers his wife’s affair with a local leader, leading to a tragic moment of rage that forever alters his family’s life. But Dhruv’s story is more than just a tale of personal tragedy. Intertwined with his descent into chaos is the heart-wrenching journey of Ram, portrayed by the promising Ramgopal Sharma. Ram, a rural musician, arrives in the city clutching a misdirected job letter, only to face violence that transforms him into an unrecognizable monster mistaken for a political leader. As these two tales of trauma, treachery, and transformation converge, the film takes us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, culminating in an explosive climax that will leave audiences speechless.

Cast & Crew Highlights

The film boasts of a stellar ensemble with Suraj Dwivedi (“Class”) and Chunauti Bansal lending their prowess to the supporting roles. The authentic screenplay penned by Utkarsh himself is backed by top-tier production from Swastika Films Banner, jointly produced by Utkarsh and Vijay Kumar. Executive producer, Avinash Thukral, from (“Death By Condom”), ensures the film’s quality remains uncompromised. Capturing the essence of Delhi and its tumultuous energy is Anshul Uniyal, the director of photography. The behind-the-scenes magic is further enhanced with SFX from Samridhi Moorjani and VFX inputs from Saurabh Rawat and Mahesh Manoj. To complete the sensory experience, iconyk weaves an evocative musical tapestry that underscores the film’s emotive narrative.

Production Highlights

“Jhumri Talaiya” promises to be a cinematic marvel, shot on location in New Delhi & NCR, capturing its raw essence, all within a remarkable period of just 5 days. Embark on a journey of redemption, retribution, and realizations with “Jhumri Talaiya”.

Production Gallery

Jhumri talaiya, feature film by Utkarsh Thukral


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