Swastika Films Presents Professional Breakaway Smash Props For Film & Video Productions In India.

Screen tested, realistic looking special effects breakaway smash props available for purchase in New Delhi, India.

Swastika Films New Delhi, the original independent film studio of India brings to you professional & affordable breakaway smash props range that make doing action special effects for your films safe & bring convenience to indie filmmakers.

Screen Tested Realistic Props

Realistic breakaway Effect

Safe & Harmless On Application

Customization Possible

Range Of On Order Action Props Available At Swastika Films FX Shop

Breakaway Standard Beer Bottle

Made from a mixture of disaccharide polyols, our beer pint bottle can be used to smash on any human body part without any cause of concern. Option of color customization as per film’s color pallet available.

Breakaway Furniture

Hand crafted with foam & plaster, these smashable furniture items don’t easily breakaway & provide a very realistic smash action effect. Custom design crafting options for breakaway chair & tables is available.

Breakaway Glass

Smashable & breakaway glass is the most sought-after action effect required by filmmakers in films these days. Our glass not only looks real but breaks apart like real glass giving an absolutely realistic effect. Size, color & design customization available.

Smash Bricks & Stones

If you need a brick prop for a face or head-smashing scene in your film, look no further. Swastika Films, New Delhi provides breakaway red bricks & realistic looking stones for SFX action scenes in your film.

Fake Baseball Bat & Cricket Bat

Swastika films provide hand-crafted baseball & cricket bats for action scenes in your film. These look & feel real bats allow you to film hit & kill scenes without causing any actual damage to your actors.

Breakaway Door

Realistic-looking breakaway door studded with breakaway glass is available for filmmakers with such action effect requirements. Design customization option available.




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