Professional Live Streaming Services in New Delhi/NCR - Swastika Films.


Discover top-notch live streaming services in New Delhi with Swastika Films professional live streaming studio setup. Offering 4K video, high-speed internet, and custom studio setups for corporate events, webinars, and TV production.


Welcome to Swastika Films, your premier destination for professional broadcasting & live streaming services in New Delhi/NCR. Whether you’re looking to host a corporate event, a virtual seminar, or a TV news production, our state-of-the-art facilities and expertise ensure a seamless and high-quality experience.

Why Choose Swastika Films for Live Broadcasting

4K Broadcast Video

upto 4k live streaming service provider

Record your event in stunning 4K resolution or ever sharp full HD resolution.

Crystal Clear Audio

stereo audio live streaming

Benefit from sync sound audio recording and up to 8 channel sync sound for impeccable audio quality.

Teleprompter and Engineer Services

teleprompter with engineer is available

Available to enhance your presentation.

High-Speed Internet

super fast internet connection for professional uninterrupted live streaming service.

200 MBPS fast internet ensuring uninterrupted streaming.

Multichannel streaming

live stream to youtube, facebook, zoom or to any private channel

Live stream to youtube, facebook, instagram or Zoom call or to any private channel.

Customizable Studio Setup

Our deluxe Chroma studio can be transformed to meet your specific needs, including a news TV set production.

Multi Cam Setup

Multi cam streaming available

 Gen-set Backup

24/7 genset backup for uninterrupted live streaming

Our Process

Look Test

We offer a preliminary look test shoot to finalize details and collaborate on graphics.

Real Filming

Post look test, we seamlessly integrate your footage with chosen graphics for a polished final product.

Live Streaming Services

On-location or in-studio options for webcasting and live broadcasting. Ideal for webinars, corporate events, and content production. Full HD and 4K streaming capabilities with high-quality graphics and CGI. Flexible audio recording options.

Pricing Structure

Our pricing is transparent and competitive, starting from INR 25,ooo/- (Exclusive of taxes) for Full HD broadcasting. Full HD single and & Multi-cam setup options available both on location and in-studio. Customizable packages to suit your specific needs.

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