Feature Film & Television Production Consultancy Service in Delhi NCR.

As Film & Movie distribution becomes more digitized, more people and Filmmakers are looking to turn their ideas into Serious Films. Swastika Films recognizes this need and offers Professional Film and TV Production consultancy services to Filmmakers and the industry alike.

Our Consultancy Services Include

Motion Picture & Feature Film Production Consultancy

Production Breakdown Service

Film Fixing Services

Film Production Service

Risk Assessment Service

Our Four-Step Consultancy Process

1. Script Appreciation

We Begin By Appreciating The Script Provided By The Client.

2. Production Break Down

We Then Provide a Detailed Production Breakdown.

 3. Executive Budgeting

We Offer Executive Budgeting to Give a Clear Idea About The Script’s Production Viability & Logistics.

   4. Production Line Up

Finally, We Line Up The Production Process to Ensure Everything Runs Smoothly.

With Experience in over 500+ TV commercials and Films, our Team of Executive Producers and on-set line producers are well-equipped to handle any project. We provide these services based on the idea and concept provided by the Client and Filmmaker.

For a Script of up to 80 Pages, We Charge ₹1,00,000 (exclusive of taxes) for Providing Script Appreciation, Production Breakdown & Executive Budgeting.

For Documentary Films, We Provide Research Material for Breakdown and Budgeting Pricing. However, We do not offer research services for Documentary Films unless they are Produced by Swastika Films.