"Casting is where texture of the film is decided."
- Utkarsh Thukral

Swastika Films, the finest film production house in New Delhi provides top casting & related services for film & television productions for filmmakers & film producers alike.

Some features that make our casting services unique for filmmakers

Loyal Casting Direction
We take up casting works for the entire project. Making the entire casting direction seamless.
Tailored Casting Presentations
Our casting directors coordinate with filmmakers & produce casting auditions that fit the bill.
Cast Management
Our team undertakes the entire management of the preferred cast for a project from travelling to on set management for the filmmakers.

Our Casting Office

Some projects we did casting for

Odd Even

Odd Day

Death By Condom




If you are a talent looking for representation or a filmmaker looking to cast for his next film venture please leave us a message in the below contact us form.

Casting process

Script narration with director
Character – Cast Breakdown
 Casting calls
Casting Auditions
Screen tests
Casting Selection
Script Narration with Director – Our casting directors our filmmakers themselves. They collaborate with directors in understanding the demand of their scripts to the precision & leave no stone un turned to find the best casting material to make their films happen.
Character / Cast Breakdown – Based on the director’s casting insights & casting priorities, our casting directors produce character casting breakdowns which are insightful, creative, playful & effective.
Casting Calls – We treat our casting calls very seriously as we firmly believe that the first impression is the last impression. We try to keep our casting calls precise with some room for experimentation.
Casting Auditions – Casting auditions are the first impression where the director get to see his characters come to life for the very first time outside of his imagination. We keep our auditions professional, letting the actor or the cast perform the character as per their take on it. It also provides insight to the director who reviews the selected auditions how the actor is with taking directions.
Screen Tests – We try & perform screen tests on mock sets & real location with costumes & props with called-up actors / selected auditions in order to get a feel to their body language in relation to the space which they will belong to. The screen test is in accordance to the exact direction of the film director & we encourage directors to patake in this process.
Casting Selection – Based on final screen tests, a casting selection is made which is final.

Casting portfolios

Child actors
Adult prime