Swastika Films has over seven years' experience in the field of filmmaking & design. It has been able to offer creative & technical consultancy in the fields of film & designing to fellow filmmakers & industry alike in India.

Professional film consultancy services

Having produced more than 200 commercials, over 10 films & documentaries in India & having lead a team of film post producers, animators & compositors for over seven years at Swastika Films, New Delhi, Utkarsh Thukral is the perfect creative consultant & advisor for any movie & film project. As a creative professional in the field of Cinema & film, Utkarsh provides the following consulting services.

Film Story & Screenplay Consultancy

Creative Direction Consultancy

Film & TV Production Consultancy

Post Production Consultancy For Film & TV

Motion pictures studio construction consultancy

Being the operator & CEO of Swastika Films, the most professional & technically flawless film & movie studio of North India for the past decade, Utkarsh Thukral provides professional consultancy for producers & independent filmmakers looking to create their own creative film studios. Utkarsh Thukral provides consultancy related to studio construction works in the field of:

Green Screen Chroma Studio Construction.

Blue Screen VFX Studio Construction.

Video Post-Production Studio Set Up.

Movie Shooting Stage Construction.

Design Consultancy

Our brilliant designers’ approach to design needs is like problem solving. We create designs that solve a problem or fulfill a requirement. Our designs live to tell a story of understanding & accomplishment. Our designing is quite sought after & is offered for the following:

Logo Designing.

Facade & Board Designing.

Idol Designing & Manufacturing.

Jewelry Designing & CAD.

Set Designing.