Interrogation Room Studio Setup for Rent in New Delhi & NCR

Swastika Films offers a dynamic police and detective Interrogation Room Studio Rental New Delhi, perfect for filmmakers and video producers seeking authenticity in New Delhi & NCR. This specialized studio space is designed to bring gritty realism to your film, TV show, or video project.

Video Tour: Explore Our Authentic Interrogation Room

Our comprehensive video tour provides a detailed look at the interrogation room studio setup. Discover the atmospheric setting that makes our studio the go-to choice for productions requiring a police or detective theme.

Interrogation Room Setup Featured Video.

Dynamic police & detective interrogation room studio setup available for hire for film & video shoots from Swastika Films in New Delhi & Ncr.

Studio Features and Amenities:


Full customization of Set Allowed

Gen-set back up available

Paint-able walls

Choice of Tables


Attached Dressing Room 

  • Gen-set Backup: Ensure uninterrupted shooting with our reliable gen-set backup, keeping your production rolling without delays.
  • Dressing Room: A private and spacious dressing room is attached to the studio, accommodating wardrobe changes and makeup needs smoothly.
  • Customization Allowed: Tailor the space to your project’s needs. Paint walls, add props, or choose from our selection of interrogation tables to fit your scene perfectly.
  • Choice of Tables: Select from various tables to match your interrogation scene’s tone and style, adding to the authenticity of your production.

Image Gallery: A Closer Look at Our Interrogation Room Studio Rental New Delhi

Click on this link to enquire about renting this studio space.

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