"We Are The Pioneers Of Post Production In New Delhi/NCR"
-Swastika Films

Swastika Films with its experience of over seven years in the field of film, tv post production & animation services provides post production consultancy services to filmmakers & industry clients.

Film Negative To Digital Production Workflow Experience

Post Produced 500 + Tv Commercials & Animations

Start Of The Art Motion Graphics & VFX producers

In House 8K Post Production Setup

Our Post producers use their experience & expertise to ascertain, what the client is willing to achieve at the pre-production stage & advice before hand the actual production, for smooth integration of the production with the post production workflow. This makes our post production consultancy unique.

VFX Production Consultancy

We help filmmakers plan that special & integral to story VFX shot before the production. So that they achieve the desired effect 100%. No hit & try involved.

Motion Graphics, CGI & Animation Consultancy   

We strive to provide technical & logistical support to filmmakers who, want to take their stories through the animation route. Whether 2D or 3D our team of creative professionals provide wholesome consultation aimed at trying to reduce costs & work hours without affecting the creative process.

Digital Intermediate Consultancy 

For filmmakers who, want to achieve a desired visual look for their films but do not know how to, we come to the rescue. Our professional duo of DI Producer & Experience DI colorist understand the filmmakers’ look & provide detailed color grade breakdown advice that provides 100 % desired look.
We provide our sought-after consultancy service for 4,500/Hr exclusive of taxes to filmmakers & respected clients.