Professional script writing services for filmmakers & producers in New Delhi/NCR.

Swastika Films provides script writing collaboration for filmmakers with renowned script writers who provide script writing, script doctoring & screenplay writing services.
Our associated writers are Bollywood employed, registered & accredited professional writers & have ample experience of the different genres & forms.

SWA Accredited Writers Library

Mandatory Registration Of Scripts

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Recorded Consultations Sessions For Client

Our minimum package begins at 30,000/- exclusive of taxes & includes a 3 hours of recorded script consultation with a written analysis for a 80-page script.

Script & story diagnosis with production analysis.
Our seasoned script writers first have a meeting/ video call with the filmmaker or writer to understand what is in the mind of the filmmaker.
This is done before reading the proposed script in order to enable writer to think in the terms of the filmmaker.
Then a thorough story analysis is done in order to find discrepancies of the writing in comparison with the thought.
Based on this, the writer submits his ideas in writing first & then discusses the same with the filmmaker over a recorded video call that the filmmaker or client can access later as well.

Service Available In All Languages Of India

Authentic Feedback Guaranteed

 Across Genre Service

Screenplay ghost writing services.  
For filmmakers who, are credit conscious or have little time to write their story ideas into formal screenplays, Swastika Films provide professional ghost-writing services for movie screenplays.
Our writers proceed with ghost writing in four simple steps – story synopsis, detailed story, Screenplay without dialogues & finally screenplay with dialogues – enabling the filmmaker to collaborate on each step of the script writing process.
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Mandatory Non-Disclosure Agreement

script writing

 Filmmaker Retains The Credits