Film & Tv Production Consultancy in Delhi NCR.

As distribution of films & movies get digitized, more & more people & filmmakers are looking to make their ideas into serious films. Swastika Films recognizes this & is providing professional film & tv production consultancy to filmmakers & industry alike.

Experience Of Over 500+ Tv Commercials & Films

Crew Of Over 3+ Executive Producers

 Experienced On Set Line Producers

Based on the Idea & concept provided by the client & filmmaker, we provide the film & tv production consultancy service in four simple steps:

1. Script Appreciation

2. Production Break Down

 3. Executive Budgeting

   4. Production Line Up

With experience of over seven years, our accredited executive producers begin with script appreciation with the client & then provide a detailed production breakdown with executive budgeting that gives a clear idea about the script’s production viability & logistics to the client.

For a script of 50 pages, we charge 50,000/- exclusive of taxes for providing script appreciation, production breakdown & executive budgeting.
A production line up service, we charge 10% of the total budget. with minimum production budget being 3 lakhs.

For Documentary films & productions provide research material for breakdown & budgeting pricing. We do not provide research services for documentary films unless being they are being produced by Swastika Films.