How To Work With A Video Production Company In India.

How to get a video made professionally in India. Process explained.

Every business that exists today needs videos for marketing & reaching out to it’s prospective customers. But making effective videos is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why you need to work with a professional video production team that understands your requirement & delivers you exactly what you had in mind for your business or service. 

But with so many wannabe production houses around these days, how do you select the right one for your requirements?

Following are some steps for selecting a video production team for your use:

Review their work – Contact the production house & ask them to share their work with you in general. This will not only help you understand how relevant their work is for your requirements but you can also see the different types & qualities of videos they have made. 

Check their experience – Share a video with the production house as a reference for what you are looking to get made form them & ask them to show similar work previously done by them. This can even be a related video but this will help you understand whether the production house has any experience with your requirement or not.

Infrastructure – Take appointment & visit the production studio to discuss your requirement in person.  Request for a studio tour. The more in house infratsructure the video studio has, the more serious they are with their work, simple.

Once you are sure that this is the production team that will make you your video, we recommend that you do take the following tips in your stride for best possible working experience when working with a film & video company

  1. Share your vision. Even though you are hiring a team to make your video & ad film, it is still your product & will be gracing your social media handles for rest of your lives. Make sure you share enough visual references from Google/Youtube with the team & give written briefs on email to them. The more clear you are regarding what you want. The better your experience will be. Creatives charge for creative ideas. The harder you work, the less it shall cost you as a customer.
  2. Share your budget. Make sure you do this first up. If your budget is unrealistic you will be corrected in time & offered a professional budget beforehand. Do not skip this part. Also do not be greedy in terms of result in relation to budget. You will only get what you can afford from the market.
  3. Trust the creatives. Since you are hiring a creative team to do what you cannot do at first, do not be finnicky with decision making. Trust the process & communicate with team. Believe that even they want only what is best.
  4. Give Time. Video production takes time. Be sure to provide your self more than enough time for the entire process for a satisfactory result.

Remember that film making is an expensive art form & Quality work does not come cheap. Try & stick to simple ideas that are effective when making your first vidoes. Take risks later when your pool of resources is better.

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