Cost Of Shooting A Tutorial Video In Delhi/NCR

Shoot Professional Looking Educational Videos In A Chroma Studio Set Up. Costs of making a video tutorial in Delhi/NCR explained.

As work from home becomes the new normal, demand for online education though educational videos is increasing.

As more & more professionals & service providers are looking to take their services online through a dedicated YouTube channel, let us discover in this blog that how much on an average can it cost you to make a professional web based video tutorials as we clearly explain the costs of making a video tutorial in Delhi/NCR.

Video tutorial filmed by Swastika Films
Item DescriptionEstimated budget
4K sync sound Video recording ₹ 2,000/Hour
Chroma studio with lights ₹ 1,500/Hour
Video editing ₹ 1,200/Hour
Compositing with stock graphics ₹ 1,200/Hour
Stereo Sound mix with stock music ₹ 2,000/minute
Flow chart describing the factors that determine budget of a Video shoot

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