Professional Color Grading Service In New Delhi/NCR.

Process & costing for color grading on FCPX explained.

Swastika films, pioneers of film & tv post production services in New Delhi are now offering quality color grading & color correction services for filmmakers & video creators on Apple FCP X as well, for customers with light pockets but serious quality demands. Please read the blog in full to understand the process & costing for color grading on fcp x explained.

Swastika Films FCP X Color grading demo reel 

We have striven to keep the pluses of DI on Da Vinci resolve intact for customers looking to color grade on FCP X & have devised similar Raw data ingestion Process. Co

For your successful Color grading session, you still need to bring in your: 

  • Raw Footage in a fast Hard drive.
  • XMl/EDL of your final edit.
  • An offline export of your final edit.
  • Text & VFX files if any.
  • Sound files.

Yes no color grading on converted footage even for FCP X at Swastika Films.

Following cameras’ raw footage gets imported directly into FCP X for grading on RAW.

We recommend grading on FCP X for following types of content

Hope this blog provided the desired information on the process & costing for color grading on fcp x with explanations.

For pricing & booking enquiry, please click on the link to chat with us.

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