What does Film Making Services Cost in India?

The budget of a film is directly related to the content of that film. The content here can directly be correlated to the importance of the ingredients in a recipe. The costlier the ingredients the more the dish is going to cost you.

We can broadly divide the film making process into three categories when working on any project :

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production

The more detailed each of this process will be, the more expensive it will turn out for the producers.

The table below gives an estimated costs for different types of films in Indian rupees.

Film Type Pre-Production Production Post-Production
Short film ₹ 20K – 40K ₹50K – 20L ₹ 20K – 5L
TVC ₹ 50K – 2L ₹2L – 2Cr ₹ 1L – 50L
Music Video ₹ 20K – 3L ₹ 30K – 10L ₹ 25K – 10L
Feature Film ₹ 1L – 50L ₹ 3L – 10Cr ₹ 2L – 2Cr
Documentary ₹ 50K -1.5L ₹ 1L – 10L ₹ 6K – 3L

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