Color Grading An Indie Feature Film In India.

Process & costs of color grading an indie feature film in India explained below.

We at Swastika Films, New Delhi love & appreciate indie cinema. Our journey itself has been through Indie filmmaking & we understand the hard work that goes into making an Indie film.

Trailer of an Indie short film Color Graded by Swastika Films, New Delhi.

Over the years, we have graded several indie films & each times our experience has been a rich one. 

Based on our experience we have created a process that allows us to provide the detailed grade your indie films deserve without pinching your pockets.

Step One – Discuss your project with us.
Tell us about the codec of your footage, the duration of your film, the resolution you shot at & scope of deliverables. We will ask you questions like how many locations you have in film, number of casts & whether you shot in natural light or studio at this stage. Please answer these to the studio.

Step Two – Take an appointment & visit the studio with your film’s footage.

This is where you introduce yourself to us. Let your footage introduce you to us. This is where we offer you consultation & even show you a sample for your grade. 
This small collaboration gives us a general idea of what you are looking for & how we will give it to you. We do not charge you for this consultation & we do not give you this sample. 

Step Three – Along with budget deliveries timeline is also discussed.

We do offer substantial discounts to indie filmmakers & expect them to stick to approved timelines & schedules in return.

A shot from an Indie Feature film we recently Color Graded for an New Delhi Based Indie Filmmaker.

The above feature film was 90 minutes in duration, was shot at one location, had two casts, resolution 4K RAW, HDR Color grade. Time given 70 Hours. Cost – $482 (exclusive of taxes)

Click on this link to open a Watsapp chat to share your color grading requirements with us.

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