How To Become An Actor With No Experience In India.

The hot topic of today’s video is how to become an actor in India with no experience or support. Acting is somehow a current passion of almost everyone in India. It is understood that with so many young population & exposures to luxury lifestyle, many are now considering taking acting as a profession.

In this Video, we will tell you how you can aspire to get roles starting from nowhere.

How to become an actor with zero experience in India.

With digital platforms like OTT & YouTube stepping up the content creation game, there is definitely more space for film technicians & actors. For anyone who is interested in taking acting as a career must understand that it in the end acting is not just like any other job. it is perhaps the oldest existing human tradition known, which has existed in various forms over the time like mimicry, dancing, theater & now screen acting. 

To be an actor requires you to be a student of the craft, be known to it’s history & demands practice. There has been several instances, especially in the recent past where many new comers landed a role because of their appearance or unique personality. But this fluke may not happen for you, so how do you land acting roles without any experience? Let’s discuss this ahead in a step-by-step manner.

Step One – Treat yourself with a professional photoshoot.

I mean if you won’t take yourself seriously, no one will. A proper candid portfolio showcasing your original personality properly goes a much longer way than a portfolio which is filled with wannabe possess & over the top styling. A portfolio is your best business card to get noticed for casting opportunities. Professional headshots stand atop amateur self-clicked photographs. 

Step Two – Make an Audition bank.

If you are actor, your first job in the day is to act. Thus act. Create a studio space for yourself & record your practiced monologues & auditions with either a phone or a camera. You can also upload these to a YouTube channel & get response & feedback from your friends & peers which in turn can help you improve your performances.

Step Three – Join a theater group or an acting workshop.

Even if you think very highly of your acting skills, you should still consider joining some workshop for acting or theater. This will not only get you some more acting time but will also help you build professional contacts among other actors. 

Step Four – Take every acting job that comes your way.

If you are interest in screen acting, it is very important that you get to do some screen acting. Acting for audience in a hall is very different than acting for the camera. There are several nuances that you need to master to excel as a screen actor. So what can be a better way than doing some screen time? 

Step Five – Market yourself.

It is very important that you keep an online database of your performances & professional works for regularly sharing & distributing your work resume around. There are several professional platforms of which you can be a member to make your profile look more professional ( Like IMDB, Instagram, Vimeo). You can always build yourself a professional website that can serve as your online business card.

Let us not forget there is no substitute to real talent. If you have talent & you are disciplined at whatever you do, then sky is the limit for you. If you do not have talent & believe you are born to be a superstar only because your mum thinks you are cute, then you are up for some real pain in the back situation where you will lose a lot of time & money & go nowhere.

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