Types & Cost Of Video Production In New Delhi/ NCR.

There is no better tool for marketing & communication than a Video in today’s world for any business & service.

But still not many are able to get access to good quality banging videos. So if you are looking to get awesome videos made, look no further than this explaining blog.

What makes a good video?

  • Purpose Ask yourself why you are getting this video made? What benefit you want to achieve from the video? If the purpose of the video is clear to you, it will show in the result we will provide you with.
  • Content – Content is usually the king for any type of video. Good content requires research for functionality & creativity for presentation. These you should bring in order to save your costings. 
  • Quality & consistency – For your video to look professional, a decent quality is less important than consistency. A technically right video shot on a smartphone will also do the job right due to consistency. 
  • Be realistic – Most of the times it is customers greed for the best with least that makes them unsatisfied. Question what you want to achieve monetarily from your video & co-relate it with the budget you have earmarked for your videos. Most likely you can only achieve a certain marketing traction by investing a certain amount in your video. A video made in 10,000/- will not get you lakhs of business.

Types of video production with basic costing

  • Motion Graphics Video – These usually employ use of titles, photographs & stock videos with animation, music & voiceovers.  They can be very effective if created with right aesthetics. 
Starting price – 10,000/- minute.
  • Vector animation story videos – They are creative animation films, using vector graphic animation in order to depict a case scenario or relevant information & service. Effective for service videos when married to Voiceovers.
Starting price – 10,000/- minute.
  • Video production These are custom produced videos, involving location or set oriented professional shoot with a 4K camera. These are most effective in translating the idea to the consumer & has better reach & life than the rest.   
Starting Price 15,000/Minute

* The above mentioned prices include only packaging services. Content & ideation or any creative service is not included in it. The price facilitates you to direct your video in collaboration with our in house artists within a certain period of agreed time.

Share your video production idea with us right now.

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