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Difference Between Encrypted DCP & Unencrypted DCP.

Chart Showcasing Difference Between Encrypted & Unencrypted DCP or Digital Cinema Package.

The main difference between encrypted and unencrypted DCP lies in the security measures applied to protect the content of the DCP file. 

1.     Encrypted DCP: An encrypted Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is a DCP that has its video, audio, and other content encrypted using advanced encryption technology. When a DCP is encrypted, the content is scrambled in a way that it can only be decrypted and played by authorized system with the correct decryption keys. 

Decryption keys are issued based on the projector’s certificate received & have a life span attached to them as well. Making key become useless after the listed lifespan ends.  

2.     Unencrypted DCP It is essentially an open and accessible digital movie file. Unencrypted DCPs are typically used in scenarios where content security is not a primary concern. For example, they might be used in private screenings, film festivals, or for certain non-commercial purposes.  

The advantage of using unencrypted DCPs is that they can be played on any digital cinema server capable of handling DCP content.  

Most of customers opt for unencrypted DCP’s because they are hassle free & is more cost effective. 

What files are needed to make a successful professional DCP? 

Chart Showcasing What Files Are Needed To make A Successful DCP File.
  • Your film’s final high quality export with audio.  
  • 5.1 mix files for film with 5.1 audio mix. 
  • Srt or subtitle file. 

What will be the size of my final DCP ?

Your final DCP file can be 20-50% more in size than the final export of your film.

Factors that influence the Cost of a DCP.

Chart Showcasing The Variable Factors That Influence The Cost of Processing The DCP.
  • The resolution of DCP. 2k or 4k? 
  • The size of the film export.  
  • The duration of the film. 
  • Audio mix of the film. A special metadata needs to be created in your DCP for stereo sound to preview in 5.1. 
  • Subtitles as srt file. 
  • Whether you want encryption with your DCP? 

Use of DCP files in India

These Are Some Common Uses Of A Digital Cinema File
  • For film’s final release & distribution.
  • For submitting to censor board with timecode.
  • For submissions in Indian & international film festivals.
  • For personal use & film archiving.

DCP Creation Master For Censor Board India.

DCP Project Showcase

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