Crafting a Brand’s Story: Swastika Films’ Multimedia Branding Approach In New Delhi.

Nestled in New Delhi’s bustling heart, Swastika Films isn’t just another name in the film and media production landscape. We are storytellers, designers, and branding mavens. Our latest project with an emerging face cream brand unveils our holistic approach to multimedia branding.

Birth of a Brand Identity: Logo & Animation.

Every brand begins with an identity. Our first mission was to capture the essence of this face cream brand through a logo. More than just a symbol, we created a beacon of its ethos. And then? We animated it, infusing motion and emotion into the visual symbol.

Original Logo Designed For Brand Based On it’s Ethos.
Logo Concept & Animation By Swastika Films.

More than Just a Package: Designing Aesthetic Appeal.

With our logo as the centerpiece, we painted the brand’s visual story onto its packaging. Consistency is key, and every inch of the label echoed the brand’s spirit.

Label Deign Created By Swastika Films For The Product’s Bottle.
Box Design Created By Swastika Films.

Setting the Tone: Mood Board & Captivating Photography.

Brands have moods, and we grasped ours quickly. A curated mood board became our North Star, guiding every snapshot in our product photoshoot, ensuring each frame resonated with the brand’s essence.

Mood Board Created For Presentation Pre Photoshoot.
product poster designing service new delhi india
Final Photographic Result Based On Initial Mood board Idea.

A Cinematic Brand Tale: Crafting the 50-second Brand Film.

Using a blend of in-house product photos, stock footage, and cutting-edge CGI animations, we sculpted a brand narrative in HD. Narrated by a professional voiceover and scored with fitting music, this brand film is a digital masterpiece.

Our Packages & Pricing

We craft bespoke packages, molded to your requirements. Dive into our array of services, and let’s draft your brand’s narrative together.

As New Delhi’s prime multimedia branding hub, we are your compass in the world of branding, photography, and film.

To embark on a collaborative journey with us, Contact Us today!

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