Cost Of Shooting A Studio Interview In Delhi/NCR

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Interview is an easy & effective way of generating awareness about a product or a person via an engaging conversational means. The factors that determine budget of an interview production can be broken down into the following:

1 Number of interviewees

If your interview involves more interviewees it will directly affect the budget of the interview production as more cameras, sound, lights & team members can be required.

2. Scale of the interview’s production.

Shooting an interview in a studio usually requires preparation of background graphics which can dictate set design & related costumes & make up requirements. If the concept of your interview production will involve production of custom & original graphics instead of stock graphics, involve sourcing of related looking furniture & set design then your interview filming costs shall reflect that.

3. Equipment setup.

An interview series shot in 6k or 4k will involve more high tech equipment & the costs related to post-production of the 6k-4k video will be automatically higher than a full HD interview production.

We recommend that your share your concept with us, we will help you breakdown the requirements & share the best possible quotation with you.

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