Film DCP Maker India.

Top Film DCP maker India. Swastika Films provides reliable & affordable, encrypted & unencrypted professional DCP (Digital Cinema package) making service for films, trailers, cinema commercials & for censor board certification.

Watch this explainer video on how we go about making film DCP remotely for our clients.

DCP Making Submission guidelines

For J2K

  • Submit full HD or 2K resolution Mov/Mp4 export. 
  • Submit Audio bounce, stereo or 5.1 tracks separately.
  • SRT file.

For 4K

  • Submit a 4k resolution Mov/Mp4 export. 
  • Submit Audio bounce, stereo or 5.1 tracks separately.
  • SRT file.

Encrypted Film DCP Maker India
The DCP created is a key protected/ locked file that can only be accessed with it’s key. The file is secure but requires continuous key management system in order to maintain the privacy of the file. Recommended for high budget feature films & documentary films.

Watch how we go about processing & reviewing your encrypted DCP.

Unencrypted Film DCP Maker India
The DCP made is a free file that can be played via DCP player only which are not easily available. The file conversion process from DCP to Mov is a tedious & technical process not to be succeed by majority. However, it still is a free file. Recommended for short films, cinema commercials, ads & low budget filmmakers who want to skip the key delivery management costs.

Simple flow chart from Swastika Films explaining how to estimate DCP making costings. We make both encrypted & unencrypted film DCP.

DCP Creation Master For Censor Board India.

DCP Project Showcase
Add images of projects exported as DCP as posters here

Click on this link to share your film DCP requirements with us.

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